VESPER - the project investor

The Russian Private Investment Company. The main activity of the company consists in the investment in projects of varying stages of completion in the premium segment of residential real estate, involving the renovation of historic buildings. The company's mission statement on the market - the creation of the unique premises using the latest technology and global experience.

Center of the General Directorate CJSC - project management

One of the leading engineering companies in Moscow, carrying out the project management in construction, was established in 1988. Currently, the company's portfolio includes more than 350 completed projects in Moscow and the regions with a total area of more than 3 million square meters, including unique city-forming objects

Architectural Bureau " Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners "– the authors of the project

Architectural Bureau carrying out the various designs of architectural objects for its intended purposes, established in 2001 The main areas of activity are: architecture , urban planning and design. Many of the Bureau’s projects were noticed at the different architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions . The company is actively using Western European design standards in Russia

"Spectrum " Group of companies - the design of engineering systems

The Group specializes in providing management services for the design and construction of different purpose facilities. Geography of the company covers the western part of Russia and the CIS countries. The company has created more than 20 major projects for Russian and foreign customers.

BDP Lighting – Architectural Lighting

The company BDP - an international team of architects, engineers , designers and urban planners , creating spaces that inspire people all over the world . The company was established in 1961 , currently BDP is the largest company in Europe , which account for more than 750 national and international design awards.