One of the main historic streets in Moscow is Nikolskaya Street which is passed from Lubyanskaya to Red Square in the district of Kitai-Gorod- a kind of treasure heritage of original period of Pre-Peter’ Russia. Moscow Kremlin, which is the ancient part of the capital, and a historical territory “Kirai-Gorod” are included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. This is one of the few areas in Moscow, which brings us back to the past. Kitai-Gorod’s streets incline us to have many hours of leisurely walks, because behind almost every turn there is a building-legend of the old city.

Nikolskaya Street appeared in XIII century in place of path that led to the Kremlin from Rostov the Great, Suzdal and Vladimir. Nikolskaya Street went down in history as the street of the Russian enlightenment: there was a Printing House where one of the first books and a first newspaper “Vedomosti” were released, Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy which has become the first institution of the higher education in Russia, the best iconic burse, the first public library, the first pharmacy.

Up to XVII century the street was inhabited by such notables as the Vorotynskys, Khovanskys, Trubetskois, Saltykovs, Sheremetyevs and others. In the XVIII century, the monarchs solemnly entered the Kremlin on the Nikolskaya Street, wherefore the triumphal gateways were built at the exit from this street to the Red Square.  

In the second half of the XIX and in early XX century Nikolskaya Street became one of the main business streets in Moscow. There were the offices of the most prominent manufacturers in Moscow and Moscow Region, first hotels and famous restaurants of that century on that street.

A house N 10/2 at Nikolskaya Street–a former Trade Building of the Sheremetyevo Monastery– was built in 1900 according to the project of the Alexander Meissner who was a “domestic” architect of the Earls Sheremetyevs. This monastery was famous among the Moscow nobility by the Sheremetyev’s praedial serf theatre, and at the end of the XIX century, with the advent of large companies and publishing houses, it became a well-known business center.

Today, Nikolaskaya becomes a pedestrian street on the model of the central streets of the capitals of the Old World. The historic facades, cozy cafes , hotels and fashion boutiques made Nikolskaya street one of the most exclusive streets in Moscow.